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About Rebuilding Hope, Inc.

Who We Are

The mission of Rebuilding Hope, Inc. is to provide resources and coordinate rewarding opportunities for individuals or groups who are called to restore hope in broken lives in the Henderson, North Carolina and surrounding areas. 

Our ministry uses home repairs to meet the physical needs of hurting people, but most importantly, to gain the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only way to meet their spiritual needs.  In sharing his loving message with the lost through both actions and words, we seek to strengthen the faith of our participants, as well as those in crisis or need. 

The people of Rebuilding Hope, Inc. are dedicated Christian individuals from all stages of life and from different denominations that are united in a single cause:  to do real mission work right here in their own neighborhoods.  They are called to serve and generously donate their time, gifts, or financial resources to better the lives of individuals who are unable to do for themselves, and glorify God through their actions.

What We Do

Rebuilding Hope, Inc. is committed to restoring to an owner the home that may be lost due to their financial or physical inability to care for it properly.  We receive individual's applications or referrals from civic, charitable, and government organizations regarding homes that have damage that makes them unsafe  or unfit for habitation.  These cases are treated as our highest priority.  Other applications for renovations to homes, handicapped ramps, or simple repairs received are evaluated on a case by case basis.  Each potential project includes an interview, an onsite evaluation, an appraisal of materials and labor needed, and a title search to insure we are dealing with the actual homeowner.

During the evaluation process we will also attempt to contact the applicant’s church or family members to see if they can provide resources or labor to get the project done.  If so, then we can usually provide additional materials and our team of Crew Chiefs to begin the ministry.  Without the immediate support of church or family, how long does it take before the work gets done? 

Well, in many ways, that depends on You!