Spring 2017

Servants on Site 2017 is about to begin

We are less than 24 hours away to the beginning of SOS 2017!  Much has happened during the weeks and months prior to this.  

The SOS committee meets monthly all year long to prepare for our one week event.  Some of the preparations that were made with much prayer are as follows:  securing the school for participants to stay in, visiting and choosing qualifying residences to assist during the event, advertising the event, gathering/purchasing of supplies for roofing and ramp building, menu planning, purchasing of food, worship music prepared, worship speakers chosen and confirmed, theme selection, t-shirt designing, t-shirts ordered, gifts for leaders selected and purchased, crew leaders recruited, youth groups registered, crews assigned, rooms prepared for groups, supplies sorted per resident then delivered, port-a-potties prepared and delivered, shower units prepared and delivered, devotion materials chosen and prepared, etc, etc.  

There is so much energy that goes into preparing for one week of mission work!  The people who take care of all these details and more are volunteers.  They give their time and energy all year long to make this one week a successful one.  Why?  Because they love the Lord so much that they want to see others come to Christ through this one week - the tool God has given us to reach the people in our surrounding area - building ramps and repairing roofs.  

This is a great opportunity.  The task is before us.  We have 7 days to put it all together to reach the community for Christ.  May we reach others with the Good News as we provide for their basic needs.  May God use our work and our words to change those we meet, as well as ourselves.  May it all be to the Glory of our God!  

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